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SEO in DUBAI -Heard About SEO?

What does it stand for?

How do you look for an information or a service on the internet? Yes, through the search engines. SEO is all about that and its full formed as search engine optimization. How do you google or use any other search engine? You will punch in some keywords in the search bar, that act as a query for the search engines. It then fetches the appropriate information and lists them based on their relevance to the query. Why is that some websites appear on the first page while others do not? Have you ever given it a thought?

There are billions of similar competing websites in the Internet that matches your keyword (search phrase) then how can the poor search engine accommodate them all in the same page? Which website would you visit? The first website of the very first page? Or maybe the second? Okay! The last website at max. Nobody cares to check the latter pages of any search engines, only a point one percent visitors take a look at the second page, so you can imagine about the far away pages. Now, the ultimate question is how did those websites make it to the first page of Google or Bing or whatever search engine it is? How? The answer is search engine optimization.

They made it to the top with search engine optimization. Web sites having higher positions in the search engines have better SEO when compared with their rivals with lower positions. However, the advantages of SEO cannot be limited to, increasing the rank of a website in a particular search engine. SEO is a collection of many techniques. Back linking, frequent updates, updating SEO rich contents, giving SEO titles, modifying the headers and URL addresses, playing with the favicons and multimedia and so on are the usual Dubai SEO practices. You need not worry about any of the SEO practices, if you avail best SEO Dubai, services your website will be on the top search results of the desired search engine. Although, SEO is nothing new, SEO marketing Dubai is a field that’s just sprouting.

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Best SEO in Dubai

Dubai SEO has been in the spotlight lately. The laws of UAE favors business, hence many local as well as international business came into being, especially in Dubai where there are a number of free zones. Raise in the number business websites here resulted in many websites getting latched to the distant pages and loosing their ranks in the search engines. An increase in the number of competition, lack of SEO and frequent change in the search engine algorithms makes it very difficult for the websites to thrive. That is why your website needs SEO in Dubai.

What kind of websites require SEO in Dubai ?

All the websites. The search engine optimization is never a one time procedure as it requires constant updating and modifications. The search engine algorithms keeps changing and a good SEO expert will be aware of these changes. Is it enough if your site gets a higher position for just once and then it gets lost in the distant pages? For a constant high position a constant SEO should be performed. Now coming back to the question, ofcourse, all the websites need SEO. If a website is in the last pages of google, it needs SEO to make it to the first page, whereas a website that is the first page it needs SEO to stay on the first page for longer or to improve its position on the first page. Either ways SEO cannot be avoided by a website that demands better positions. Is it all about the page rankings or is there more to SEO? There is definitely more to it. Here are some other advantages of the SEO in Dubai :

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As the SEO marketing Dubai is just at the initial phase, there are only a handful of best SEO Dubai companies. An SEO Dubai company should be your preference if your business is based in Dubai rather than international SEO firms as the trends here may vary from the trends elsewhere. We provide the best SEO in Dubai .

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Dubai SEO has evolved over the years….

Anyhow, at the beginning of this millennium, let us say in the year 2001, SEO was not much of relevance. There were only two search engines and one of them was called the Excite. Internet was not a common norm back then and SEO had no scope to flourish. Even if they had internet was not doing well, it was Dail-up connection back then that was painstakingly slow.

The Adwords was announced by the google in 2002 and many of them feared it to be the destruction of the organic results (The SEO). The year 2004 was marked by the website that was banned by Google for spamming the pages, ever since then much emphasis is laid on the white-hat ethics. Backlinks and link exchanges became popular by the year 2006 which was followed by 2008 when google attained its crown as the worlds most favorite search engine. The years between 2011 and 2015 noticed a drastic change in the search engines, they began to recognize the social media platforms and posts. So, at present an SEO Dubai company has hell lots of things to take care of. Dubai SEO services are now much in demand.

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Is Dubai SEO same as Digital Marketing Dubai?

SEO as the name indicates is all about optimizing your website for a particular search engine where as digital marketing is a much broader term. SEO is a big piece of digital marketing that constitutes of other services like content marketing, social media marketing, responsive web design etc.
To get the best SEO in Dubai or to know more about SEO in Dubai , contact us.

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